Workpackage 1: Development of a Framework to identify and prioritise critical chain links

A theoretical FRAMEWORK will be developed that will address the identification of critical links (including the contaminants associated with each), prioritise these in terms of risk ranking and present strategies for corrective measures.

This WP will use the CASE STUDIES in WP2 as its "trial ground" on which it will build the FRAMEWORK (i.e. WP2 will provide precise examples of the chains and their possible contamination pathways). In addition, the RISK MODELS emerging from WP3 will be used to enable risk prioritisation to be included in the FRAMEWORK.

SINTEF as WP- Leader is  responsible to produce the final conceptual framework

UCD, TNO, AUP, ITAL will assist SINTEF in framework development

WU will contribute to consumer issues (including desk study of the literature and potential and interaction with other FP6 projects, such as Trace & Seafood Plus)


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