WP3: Risk Modelling & Ranking

A computer-based RISK MODEL will be developed which will enable risk values to be assigned to various food chain contamination scenarios. Unlike HACCP, these risks models will provide quantitative risk values for each of the contamination risks scenarios. The risks will take account of chain integrity (viz. ease of entry via a node), contamination types, systems operations scenarios (e.g. product security issues such as open-air (uncovered) v. enclosed water reservoirs; product containers and "tamper proof" devices, etc). Once again, the model development team will use the CASE STUDIES in WP2 as examples on which to base the risk models. However, the models will be further developed in a generic fashion, making them applicable to other food chains. In particular, they will have "user friendly" GUIs - Graphic User Interfaces - that allow the end-user to build up a new chain, or modify an existing chain to allow for specific practices with regard to the chain in question.

TNO will lead the framework monitoring process

UCD, BFEL, ATS and IFQC will provide specific input from WP2

UCD will be the leader of this WP

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