WP 5: Demonstration

This project will have a significant technology demonstration activity. This activity will be put in place beyond mid-term, particularly in the final year and will extend beyond the end of the project (as part of the Technology Implementation Plan). Workshops and demonstrations will be held for the main industry stakeholders, with a view to both keeping them informed and also getting ∑Chain established within the industry. In addition, legislators will get special briefing workshops; while public lectures will be used to demonstrate the technology to the general public. In the industry workshops, the emphasis will be on the applicability of the methodologies developed to address chain integrity; as well as the implementation of ∑Chain within the industry. These workshops will be led by the Workpackage leaders, supplemented with team members, as appropriate. An overview of the planned demonstrations is given overleaf.

ATS will co-ordinate the implementation of the demonstration activities; but each technical partner will contribute their expertise

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